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IT REALLY WAS A BIG DEAL! Me and my mental health.

Today was another good day on the OCD front.  Today was another good day where once again I stuck two fingers up at this enslaving, bullying and debilitating illness.  I am continuing to fightback and it feels amazing! Today, the … Continue reading

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The BBC is at its finest when it makes shows like Nadiya’s Family Favourites.  This was a new cookery show that was traditional, yet at the same time it also had this original fresh feel to it too. After she won … Continue reading

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STATH LETS FLATS- Episode one – A Pushy Boy.

New sitcoms these days tend to be very hit or miss.  ‘Stath Lets Flats’, a new sitcom that aired on Channel 4 recently, firmly belongs in the latter category. In fact this show was that bad that I am not … Continue reading

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INSIDE THE AMERICAN EMBASSY : Episode one – Trump’s Man in Britain.

‘Inside the American Embassy’ is not the most catchiest of titles for a political documentary, nevertheless as that well-known advert goes, ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin’. Furthermore, episode one was boringly entitled ‘Trump’s Man in Britain’.  … Continue reading

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