NARCISSISTIC GARBAGE, BUT IT MADE ME LAUGH! ‘Your Face or Mine’, new series, episode 1. A review.

This comedy game show based purely on how physically attractive people look, got off to an immediate bad start when it appeared to joke about obsessive compulsive disorder.  The featured couple Harry and Charlotte, jokingly argued together whether or not she had OCD?  As a sufferer of severe OCD for the last twenty-five years, then this section really infuriated me because it is not a topic to be laughed at.  This illness can ruin lives and can be all-consuming and severely debilitating to suffer from.

My overall impression of this show was that it was narcissistic garbage, however I have to admit to it making me laugh at times.  The format is unimaginative and unoriginal cobblers, but the comedy lay in the wonderful Katherine Ryan, being so funny with her deadpan witty comments.  Ryan was one of the co-presenters alongside the much less funnier Jimmy Carr.

An example of comedienne Katherine Ryan being humorous was when she said out of the blue,

‘Well sometimes models in real life look used up and chucked away.’

She carried the show for me and could have easily presented it by herself.  Jimmy Carr, on the other hand irked me throughout most of it.  In fairness though, he did get better as the show progressed.  His one and only funny line being,

‘I like the tattoos, it shows you’re capable of making very bad decisions…that for me is a turn-on.’

The format consisted of a number of rounds involving married couple Harry and Charlotte, where they got money for judging how good looking people were.  They got the money if their views matched with those of the studio audience.  For example, the first round was called ‘Celebrity Face-Off’, where Z-lister Pete Wicks, was deemed to be more physically attractive than another Z-lister in the form of Joey Essex.  Round two was called ‘Face The Nation’.  This involved them getting two hundred pounds for correctly deciding how good looking they were, when compared to four randomly chosen members of the public in a line up(supposedly random).

The tension at the end(it wasn’t tense) revolved around the possibility of them doubling their seventeen hundred pounds, if they got one last question answered correctly in a round called ‘Face Your Demons’.  Harry decided his wife was better looking than his female best mate, therefore they triumphed in doubling their money.  I had made it to the end and as much as I thought it was a bad programme, I thought I would have hated it a lot more than I did!

The undoubted main criticism of the format is the utterly narcissistic nature of it as already highlighted.  It sends out a really bad message to impressionable young teenagers that looks are all that matter in life.  There was not one mention throughout the show about a good personality or vast intelligence being desirable attributes in a person.  It solely focused on looks which in this day and age is a massive backward step.  This definitely is not a show for you if you like to test your general knowledge as you view.

I guess it just makes for easy viewing at the end of the day when all you fancy is a chuckle.  The over-the-top laugh of presenter Jimmy Carr though was horrendous to listen too throughout, it was like a delayed reaction with him.  It resembled the laugh of an overly excited hyena who had just found out it was happy hour at their local KFC, i.e. dreadful on the ears.

At the end of the day, would I watch this programme again? My answer to this is, only if nothing else better was on.  I have seen worse shows than this on the box, just not that much of late! 2/5.


Hey! I'm a fan of scarves ha ha, television shows and most sports. I'm a Media and Cultural Studies Graduate from LJMU and love to blog about all sorts. At the moment most of my blogs are either TV or mental health related ones. I hope you enjoy them and hope some really move you. Thanks, Andy.
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