The topic Karl looked at in this episode was ‘the body’, and yet again I thought it was utterly brilliant entertainment.  I laughed all the way through it.  I smiled all the way through it.  The time watching it just seemed to fly by.  I have enjoyed this second series a million times more than the first one.  Not once whilst watching this episode did I think to myself, ‘it’s good, but not as funny as An Idiot Abroad‘(I often thought that when watching the first series of The Moaning of Life).  NOBODY IN THE WORLD HAS FUNNIER ONE LINERS THAN KARL PILKINGTON…..OK, barring Del Boy perhaps!

“It really wakes you up, I mean you never see a groggy penguin or polar bear do you? So there’s got to be something in it”.

“And one day they’ll be this news story about him being found dead at home in the fridge surrounded by a Cornetto and a couple of fish fingers”.

These two funny quotes come from the first bit of the episode.  Karl went to see a rather eccentric guy should we say, in the freezing cold weather of Iceland.  This guy believed the body received an immunity boost by exposing it to severe freezing temperatures.   We hilariously saw him and Karl out in the snow doing some sort of mixed martial arts moves to try and keep themselves warm……..EACH ONLY WEARING A HAT AND A PAIR OF UNDERPANTS. The guy was barefoot from the off, whereas Karl amusingly took some persuading to take his shoes off.

The guy then sat in a frozen lake even though he had been warned beforehand that doing so could cause him to get hypothermia. Karl seemed to be obsessed about ‘his balls’ at this point and so politely refused to join him.  I thought it was really funny amusing stuff.  Karl Pilkington is so likable in my view because apart from saying tonnes of witty remarks, he is just a normal everyday bloke.   He does not try to be somebody that he is not.  There is no false bravado or pretense with him.  There is no arrogance or ego with him either.  We all love a good moan, the only difference being that Karl has successfully managed to make a career out of it!

“At home if you’re known as a pisshead that’s not a compliment, but you see science in that”.

“You know your Palin gets excited about old pyramids and all that but I’ve never seen any old piss”.

The most amusing part of this episode was when Karl next went to India to look at shivambu/urine therapy.  Karl met a guy who swore by the long term health benefits of drinking and washing yourself in your own urine.  Karl as you would expect was not that convinced by this.  My second quote where Karl mentioned Michael Palin, well it is the funniest line of the entire second series so far for me.  It is the fact that Karl just says them so deadpan that makes them so funny.

Karl at first decided against drinking his own wee.  The day afterwards we saw this ‘urine guy’ give a speech to a group of locals about the wonders of shivambu.  Basically, he sort of died on his arse with none of them willing to drink urine.  Step forward hero Karl Pilkington to save the day.  Out of loyalty to his new friend, Karl decided that he would drink his own urine in front of the crowd.  I will not give you the exact description of what happened next but lets just say it was not pretty.  It may not have been pretty however it was funny to watch.  Likability is such a big thing with Karl as I have already mentioned.  The fact he was willing to drink his own urine to help out his new friend, well it just showed again the kind of genuine guy that Karl Pilkington is.

“Christmas is about eating, if you didn’t eat at Christmas Jesus it would be nothing but arguments and swearing……they really need to eat to stop the arguments”.

Still in India, we then saw Karl meet a man who very rarely ate and who got his energy through staring at the sun.  Straight away Karl was not convinced about this because he stated how crap his solar powered garden lamps were back home.  The man revealed that he had not eaten for FOUR MONTHS. Karl struggled to get his head around this fact.  He stated how he loved eating as well as it being a major part of Christmas.  Amusingly, Karl jokingly suspected the main reason the guy had stopped eating was due to him being fed up of eating curry all of the time. He reckoned the guy would struggle to refuse eating food if he was ever faced with the UK confectionery that he ate.

“Think I’d be a bit pissed off if I had a builder doing some work and he turned up with this on cos it’s just another excuse that he got in it, when works not been done. ‘Oh I ran out of triple A batteries or whatever”

“Nobody ever seems to say to him, Spiderman will you calm down, can’t you go and fight over there in a field? Why you knocking down the Town Hall”?

This time in Tokyo, Japan, Karl met a young inventor who had created this machine that supposedly made you stronger. By this,  I mean it was a robot type thing that you put on to help you lift up heavy objects.  If I am being ultra picky then I reckon this segment was the weakest part of episode four.  The inventor guy seemed as confused as Karl even though he was the one who had created the damn thing.  I reckon there is more chance of Karl Pilkington being named the next James Bond than this invention ever being successful.  In the words of the dragons on Dragons’ Den, ‘I’M OUT’ young man!

“I should have had a shave, he’s going to start a fire in a minute if he keeps rubbing”

Karl having Small Face Therapy in Japan was another comedy highlight. We saw him lying down whilst somebody rubbed his face that vigorously that it did resemble somebody trying to strike a match.  I have said this in a previous blog but a vexed and exasperated Karl Pilkington is such a funny sight to witness.  Karl bemoaned how he had a fat head(know how you feel pal).  After he had endured them pushing and pulling his face like a baker making dough, somewhat surprisingly he was pleased with the results.  He posed in front of the mirror saying how he now had a ‘jawline’ finally.  I loved his concern though about what could happen if you do not keep the Small Face Therapy up .  He compared it to bodybuilders who stop training, concerned that your face might end up looking like a “BOLLOCK”(made me laugh).

“They never look at that do they with fat people, blindfold them…..you don’t have to go on any sort of Weight Watchers programme just blindfold them”.

Next in Japan, Karl met a young blind man who lived life very independently with his disability.  Karl wore blacked out googles to also experience what life was like if you do not have any sight.  There was both an informative and an educational aspect to this section which was interesting to watch.  Nevertheless, first and foremost this is an entertainment programme.  I once again laughed when he said those words in that quote above.  Only in Karl’s world would fat people lose weight by being blindfolded ha ha!

“I had a bit of a tidy up, it looks like Gok Wan’s been down there…..they’ve never looked better”

Having been somewhat worried about the health of ‘his bits’ when in Iceland at the start of the programme, the episode ended with him getting them examined by a Consultant Urologist in London.  Fans on An Idiot Abroad will recall Karl seeing this same doctor when he got his prostate examined.  When I saw that I nearly wet myself due to laughing so much. I have had mine felt about twenty-times so felt his pain.

Karl’s off-the-cuff witty remarks are again so fundamental to the success of the show.  Before, during and after this examination he said things that really made me chuckle.  Before the doctor started he showed Karl how he was going to examine his testicles by firstly demonstrating it on a rubber model of the male genitalia.  Whilst getting undressed a concerned Karl voiced to the crew how he noticed the doctor had been pressing that rubber model rather hard.  What if the doctor has had a bad day and decided to take it out on his privates Karl stated? Karl was of course half joking but I did find it a very funny remark.

Karl’s bits were given a clean bill of health much to his delight.  Upon getting dressed he asked the doctor a genius question that only Karl could come up with.  ‘Why do you have two testicles but only one heart’ he enquired? Karl did not need two balls he said, he could quite happily just manage having the one!

In conclusion then, I would definitely say that this was my favourite episode of the second series so far. It just seemed incredibly seamless.   Throughout it I seemed to be either  laughing or smirking at almost everything Karl said or did.  Before writing this blog I wanted to write a critically reviewed piece about The Moaning of Life 2. I did not want my blog to come across like some massive sycophantic fan piece about Karl Pilkington.   The truth is though that I honestly could not find anything wrong with this epiosode.  I think Karl Pilkington is comedy gold and I think this programme is comedy gold…..AND LONG MAY THEY BOTH CONTINUE! 5/5.













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