In recent times life has been pretty boring and bland on the famous cobbles of Coronation Street.  Take away the big fire in the flats a few months ago and nothing else much has happened in the past year or so. The storylines and episodes have not been dire by any means, they just have not been that exceptional either. The teenage pregnancy storyline with Faye Windass was a good social comment piece that would have resonated with many out there I am sure. I also want to applaud the recent Steve McDonald mental health storyline. Mental health still has a stigma attached to it in society and so a storyline such as this one can only help serve to further reduce it.  However, did any of these storylines ever have me eagerly tuning in to watch Corrie during the week, then I am afraid I have to answer this by saying no!

They say a week is a long time in politics and I think this saying could equally be applied to the world of Soap Opera. This is because I think last week Coronation Street was back to it’s brilliant best.  There were three separate storylines going on and they all seemed to beautifully compliment one another.  The was an abundance of COMEDY in the shape of  Beth, Kirk, Chesney, Sinead, Fiz, Tyrone(and kids) …………….all going away together on a camping holiday.  The comedy arrived primarily due to them sharing their campsite with a Bear Grylls wannabe, namely Dougie played brilliantly by Paddy McGuinness. I think my favourite joke was when Dougie disgusted Tyrone, by saying he had a regular mistress on the go.  By mistress, Dougie was referring to ‘the great outdoors’ of course.  When done well like it was here, Corrie does comedy so much better than any of the other soaps. When a soap takes it’s characters and viewers away from their original locality then often because of this, the episodes are less enjoyable to watch.  This camping trip worked however because of the other two storylines being back at ‘the street’.

Call me a big old romantic softie but at the end of Friday’s episode I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.  For weeks we have seen Nick and Carla develop a kind like forbidden love for one another.  Every time it looked like they would ‘get it on’, something would happen to get in the way.  Erica falling pregnant with Nick’s baby being the biggest one.  Good old chap Nick promised to stick by the old bird(frustratingly), and so it seemed this Nick and Carla love story looked doomed forever.  Then Erica lost the baby and caring Nick felt duty bound to stay with her.  Nevertheless, with Carla threatening to sell Underworld and jet off to America for a new life, Nick was being cornered in having to tell Carla how he really felt about her. At the end of Friday’s episode when Nick and Carla had this very emotive heart-to-heart with one another, I nearly welled up I felt that moved by it. I thought Alison King’s(Carla) and Ben Price’s(Nick) acting was superb.  When she got teary at finally finding this unexpected happiness, I just thought it was an incredibly moving bit of acting.  Again, call me soft but I am so happy these two characters have finally got together.  Everyone loves a good love story and the Corrie writers need congratulating for writing it so well.

The most dramatic storyline centred on bad boy Callum arranging to have Jason Grimshaw beaten-up.  On Monday, Jason had to come the aid of a frightened Sarah and Bethany Platt after Callum had threatened them. I thought Sean Ward as Callum acted his ‘psycho’ part brilliantly.  When Jason threw beer over his pants and roughed him up in the street, then you knew there was ‘going to be consequences'(a favourite phrase of Callum’s). On Wednesday, Jason was duly left badly beaten up by Callum and his dodgy mates.  On Friday, one minute it was revealed Jason might never ever be able to walk or talk again, then the next minute that was altered to him being expected to make a full recovery.   Bit of a fast turnaround I thought but hey maybe he had tasted the hospital food and realised he could not take anymore of that crap! On a serious note, it was a good dramatic storyline which was aided by quality acting.

Oh and I nearly forgot, at the end of the week we saw somewhat faded pop star Shayne Ward come into the street.  As Aidan Connor, he is somehow related to Carla and it looks like he will be her new business partner.  I was praying his acting was not going to be as ropy as Girl Aloud’s Sarah Harding’s was a week or two ago(I think the reaction has been over-the-top about her not so great acting skills though). Overall, I thought he did alright. He was not terrible or totally unconvincing, although neither did I find his performance that convincing either.  I would give him seven out of ten and bet he improves the longer he stays in the show.

To conclude then, it was definitely a week to remember on the famous cobbles.  Comedy, Romance and some downright thuggery…………just how I like my Corrie!





Hey! I'm a fan of scarves ha ha, television shows and most sports. I'm a Media and Cultural Studies Graduate from LJMU and love to blog about all sorts. At the moment most of my blogs are either TV or mental health related ones. I hope you enjoy them and hope some really move you. Thanks, Andy.
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