During the cold dark winter months of November and December of last year, one of the few things that kept me going was looking forward to the return of ‘The Americans’ on ITV1 in early 2015. I was relieved to hear soon after season two had ended that a third season had been recommissioned and that it should be airing on our screens sometime around late January.  I did a blog last year where I rated this American Russian Spy drama as my second favourite programme of 2014, just behind ‘Happy Valley’.  I watched it by chance once and after that just got suckered in……in a good way I mean. I just loved everything about it. Every episode seemed like a mini movie(but interlinked), and I used to really look forward to watching it every Saturday night.  THEN DISASTER STRUCK UPON READING SOME NEWS RECENTLY………………..’THE AMERICANS’ WAS DROPPED BY ITV1 IN JULY 2014!!!

I was absolutely gutted upon reading this information via a tweet from a fellow UK fan of ‘The Americans’.  I frantically searched the internet to see if this was indeed true and to my great horror the news was confirmed.  For months I had been looking forward to seeing the new series of ‘The Americans’ coming on and just when they should be about to show it, the NUMPTIES aren’t going to show the bleeding thing now……ARGH, COWABUNGA, COWABUNGA, COWABUNGA! I’m still cross about it now.  The excuse ITV gave was that it was due to a combination of falling ratings and the rights being too expensive to purchase. When I think of all the tonnes of the garbage this channel shows then I find such reasons hard to take.  Take ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Long Lost Family’ and ‘Broadchurch’ off it and I wouldn’t have a reason to watch ITV.  Do not get me started on ITV’s Simon Cowell or Louis Walsh, I could do a ten thousand word essay about how they both really irritate me.

I then found out some worse news still regarding the prospects of me ever getting to see season three of ‘The Americans’. This news was that NO OTHER UK TV NETWORK STATION OR CHANNEL IS PLANNING TO SHOW  THE NEWS SERIES OF ‘THE AMERICANS’ EITHER…….AGAIN, COWABUNGA, COWABUNGA, COWA BLEEDING BUNGA! My one fear is Sky Atlantic buying it because I’m stuffed if so, being a Virgin Media customer.  If you have Virgin then you’re unable to have this channel, don’t ask me why but it’s bloody annoying is all I know.

In my somewhat now desperate attempts to try and see this new series, I even tweeted all the major UK TV Channels to see if any of them might be showing ‘The Americans’  instead?  The rude people did not even reply to me so I take this as a big fat depressing ‘NO’. I am truly staggered that no other UK broadcaster is going to air this show, it is one of the best television programmes around at the moment for crying out loud. It seems tailor-made for say Channel 4 or even Channel 5 in my opinion.  I thought Sky Living might be up for it given it airs such US shows as ‘Blacklist’ and ‘Scandal’, but sadly it appears not to be the case.  Yesterday I even tweeted my disgruntlement about all this to the creator of ‘The Americans’, namely Joe Weisburg.  He was sympathetic but could not offer any help apart from recommending I go to the States to watch it, or try and see it via Itunes or Amazon Prime.  I also received reply on twitter from one of the actresses in it, English actress Alison Wright who plays CIA secretary Martha. She likewise was sympathetic and stated her Mum was not happy about it either(the new series not going to be shown in the UK).

I know doing this blog will not change anything or hold any sway with any TV executives but I just had to vent my frustrations some how.  I live in hope that a UK TV channel will soon buy the rights to season three of ‘The Americans’, but currently it does not seem that likely very sadly.  People who have never seen this show will no doubt wonder what the hell am I getting all worked up about?  I’ll answer that by saying that by saying this is a television show that I truly love and due to ITV dropping it, I’m no longer going to get to see it anymore. Am I gutted? GUTTED DOESN’T EVEN COME CLOSE TO HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS!!!!!

*update- Good news and bad news….for me. ITV ENCORE will be showing season 3 of ‘The Americans’ it has recently been announced. I am even more gutted regarding this because you can only get this channel if you are a SKY TV customer. I am a Virgin customer and so will not be able to get this channel because it is a SKY ONLY CHANNEL. I cannot believe this. I’m still not going to get to it then…..argh, argh, argh!


Hey! I'm a fan of scarves ha ha, television shows and most sports. I'm a Media and Cultural Studies Graduate from LJMU and love to blog about all sorts. At the moment most of my blogs are either TV or mental health related ones. I hope you enjoy them and hope some really move you. Thanks, Andy.
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  1. sam says:

    I’ve just found out about this after go googling to find out when it’s back…..I understand your despair completely!


  2. JANICE says:

    Completely agree with you Scarfman! Have loved The Americans since the first episode ….and been totally hooked. Was so…o ..looking forward to it coming back. The best thing on ITV and they won’t pay to renew the license to acquire Series 3 !! Unbelievable. Seems ITV prefer to offer tacky shows with a panel of judges ….same old same old. Find it hard to believe the viewing figures were so low. So disappointed in you ITV!!! Boo !


  3. Kathryn phipps says:

    I so agree with everything you say, very disappointed not to see Series 3. Regarding Sky Atlantic, like you I have Virgin so I bought a NOWTV box from Argos which includes a 6 month subscription and I can now watch Sky Atlantic, worth it just for Game of Thrones!


  4. Wayne says:

    Bruv! All you need to do is go on the Internet, go on google, write The Americans free watch. You’ll see the search results come up. Look for a site called watchseries or watchseries1. Or you can write The Americans cucirca. There great sites to watch whatever you want for free. You can’t rely on these to stations no more. I haven’t watched a to series on normal tv for ages. And you should look for one really good show called Banshee. It’s brilliant. Plus watching it on the net you can watch all of the series or spread it out, like one eps or two eps a night. However your comfortable with. Hope this helps


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