“HOORAY FOR HAROLD LLOYD” A Tribute to my late Father!

“HOORAY FOR HAROLD LLOYD” – A tribute to my late Father on Father’s Day, and a message of solidarity to others missing their Dads today too!

For my first blog I wanted to write about something very dear and personal to me. What better way to start I thought than to pay tribute to my late Father on Father’s Day, namely the late, great Harold Lloyd!

So there I was a few weeks ago watching Coronation Street with my Mum oblivious to when Father’s Day was,when in the ad break a damn advert came on for some shop, kindly reminding us that Father’s Day was not too far away. With not having a Father anymore,my initial reaction upon seeing this advert was not one of great upset(been there done that), rather I let out a little sigh in annoyed frustration.  Since my Dad died fifteen years ago, Fathers Day is thus now a day that no longer holds any real significance to me.  No, I am incorrect saying that, it does hold significance to me but I pretend it is not happening…it is easier to cope with that way. I therefore felt compelled to do a blog about Father’s Day because underneath the now mass commercialisation of this day, there are millions of people out there like me who are especially missing their Dad today, and in my opinion this voice never seems to get heard.  I wanted to strongly declare immense empathy with such sons and daughters who are missing their Fathers today, and pay a little tribute to my Dad in my own unique special way!

The headline “HOORAY FOR HAROLD LLOYD”, is a line taken from the theme tune of the TV show, starring the late American Silent Movie actor Harold Lloyd. It is so apt because there are so many similarities which can be drawn between my late Dad and his same named Hollywood counterpart. My Dad would light up a room because he had this incredible charisma about him. As a kid, I can still remember racing home from school on a Tuesday and coming in and putting BBC 2 on at 5pm, to proudly watch this incredibly funny silent man from years ago, who had the same name as my Dad. Charlie Chaplin did not stand a chance in our house. Chaplin did not seem to possess the same kind of humanity, vulnerability, and decency on screen as Harold Lloyd did. My Dad like him had a vulnerability about him, my Dad too had a strong decency about him and like his Hollywood counterpart, within seconds of seeing him you knew he was one of lives good guys. These are character traits I like to think my Dad has passed down to me.

The first few years after my Father passed away it was so painful even just to mention his name.  He died aged sixty-six and there was this great sense of injustice that he had been taken away from my Mother,sister and I, far too early. However, as the years passed such raw emotions began to fade, to the extent now where we love to regularly reminisce about him.  I like it because talking about him often helps keeps his memory alive.  A lovely comment which melts my heart and often gets said by family members and friends, is how much they think I look like my late Dad.  I have his famous thick eyebrows which he was known for ha ha.  My Dad had this amazing sense of humour. He did not forcibly make an annoying effort to be funny like some amateur comedians do argh, he just genuinely was a funny person. A constant joker who lit up a room with this amazing happy-go-lucky demeanor. This instantly made lots of people like him and want to be in his company.  Without wanting to sound somewhat boastful, people often remark how I too have a similar brilliant sense of humour. This makes me proud because I put this largely down to coming from my Dad. I sometimes think I joke around a lot to hide certain insecurities I have. This accusation certainly could also have been leveled at my Father because he certainly lacked self belief at times. To me however, the motives of my sense of humour are immaterial, I am just happy to be such a larger-than-life character like my Dad was!

What else do I have to thank my Dad for, apart from my wonderful good looks and amazing personality ha  ha ha…..oh yes, my massive passion for sports. As soon as I was out of the womb, Dad had me playing both cricket and football in the back garden, at the SAME TIME ha ha ha!  Sadly for him though I betrayed all the male Lloyd’s by being the first one to choose supporting Manchester United over Manchester City.  I can still remember him taking me to Old Trafford(United’s ground) as a wee nipper and when the opposing team scored he spontaneously started clapping and shouting out loud “well played”, I did not know where to look!! He behaved like this not due to some jealous dislike for United, but because he was an old fashioned gentlemen.  He wanted to show his objective appreciation for fair good play. Him and Mum have given me such morals which have made me the person I am today, thank you Dad!

My Dad was also a very senstive, emotional, big softie type, and I am so pleased I am like this too. We would often tease my Dad how on his birthday, he would read the words in his birthday cards and then duly be moved to tears by them.  Although I have never been moved to tears after reading a birthday card, I am unashamedly very open with showing my feelings and emotions. My Dad wore his heart on his sleeve and I without a shadow doubt do this too.  Whether I am like this through nature or nurture I do not care, I am just really happy to be like this!

The purpose of this blog was not to re-write history and proclaim my Dad to be some kind of Saint that he was not.  Like all of us my Dad had flaws to his character. In fact as I grew up, Dad and I would often clash and argue a lot over silly inconsequential, meaningless things. I think we clashed because we were so much alike in many ways and today I am proud to be so like my great Father.

I started this blog quoting a line from the Harold Lloyd TV Show theme tune. I want to end this blog by sharing with you the entire lyrics of this theme tune. They are so applicable to my late Dad. As I say them out loud now I know he is looking down from heaven smiling down at me, the entire song goes ,

“Hooray for Harold Lloyd, Hooray for Harold Lloyd, He’s got style, A pair of glasses and a smile”.



Hey! I'm a fan of scarves ha ha, television shows and most sports. I'm a Media and Cultural Studies Graduate from LJMU and love to blog about all sorts. At the moment most of my blogs are either TV or mental health related ones. I hope you enjoy them and hope some really move you. Thanks, Andy.
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